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Don Dewey has been an avid fisherman and lover of art all of his life. Five years ago he attempted to combine these interests by carving fish sculptures. Early results were certainly not world class, but were encouraging. They must have been as Don has completed over 200 pieces. These sculptures range from small aquarium fish such as Betta and Discus to 60 different fresh and salt water species. He's also done two waterfowl pieces - one as a gift and the other a blue ribbon winner. In competing his work at carving shows, Don has entered 21 fish. All have received awards from the judges to include several best in class and best in category.

Don's work is carried in art galleries, craft shops and well known retail shops such as the Orvis Company. This representation has been gratifying but best of all for Don is the feeling he gets in knowing that someone else receives pleasure from the sculptures he creates.

If you wish to learn more about the work, are considering a purchase, and/or would like to take a class in fish carving, please click on the page headings above.

If you don't see the fish you'd like in viewing the gallery, Don can create it for you!



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Dewey's Fish Carving:
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